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Fandango Media, LLC is an American ticketing company that sells movie tickets via their website as well as through their mobile app, as well as a provider of television and streaming media information, e.g., through its subsidiaries Flixster,, and Rotten Tomatoes.

Fandango has a terrible customer service, tickets are double sold and they offer no refund, claims Meredith H. at

When I got to the theater I was told they did not see my reservation. We bought tickets for bad seat upfront. When I got home I saw that I had been charged for two seats that were later also sold to someone else. They refuse to refund me and I know that if someone would just look up ticket sales from that night they would see the tickets were double sold. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!


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Full Time Employee (Former Employee) says

"Never experienced anything like it. The employees are miserable and depressed from the hostility, abuse and discrimination. They don't care about complying with legal standards regarding protection of employees. Hostile management that has zero training on employee relations (not like they care). Huge turnaround due to stressed and unhappy staff who share their unhappinesses as soon as you meet them. Cons: Everything, Employee relations, Managers taking credit for your ideas, Hostility"


"giornate di lavoro molto intense per i molti aspetti/adempimenti amministrativi da seguire."

Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"There are a lot of reviews on Glassdoor, etc, and most are correct. They are going through some changes that puts them against the parent company, NBC/Universal/Comcast that does not bode well for long-term stability in an environment and not normal. If NBC should take over mgmt duties, then things can improve and the place will blossom (Nov-Dec 2017 experience). I would recommend for those to avoid this place. Management is a mess with high turnover in the IT dept. Cons: Management rots from the head down"

Promoter (Former Employee) says

"insodisfazione su ogni fronte, economco lavorativo privato, nessun tipo di crescita professionale poche responsabilita"

Quality Assurance Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Fandango job posting"

tecnico allestitore (Current Employee) says

"lavoro di squdra Cons: poco tempo libero"

Director (Current Employee) says

"Really nice workforce who for the most part respect each other and are a lot of fun. Everyone's dedicated and serious about work and doing a good job. Great place to develop a deeper understanding about tech and talk about movies."

Rich says

"Purchased tickets for certain seats in the back of the movie theater and when we went to sit down Fandango stuck us in the second section in the front. Theater employee said this happens quite a bit. Will not use Fandango anymore."

Phillip says

"If I were able to give 0 stars I would. I requested a refund due to no sound on a rental movie. The relresentative refused unless I would unplug my tv and omug it back in. Once I did and the movie still did not work, he said he would have to email corporate and they would determine if I rated a review. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME!"

Sandra Valencia says

"You are stealing your customers taking advantage of the fact that the movie theaters were closed during the pandemic. How is it possible that if I have a $ 100 gift card and I am going to spend $ 37 on tickets, you are going to charge a $ 29 convenience fee? that's unsane! I did not use my gift card! Because i need a solution and a proper answer from your customer service. I have been a Fandango customer for years and this has never happened before with gift cards. Now you want to take advantage of your customers to get your business back. Don't you think it's better to keep happy your usual clients and be thankful that we have started to reactivate your business by going to the movie theaters? This is how we all reactivate the economy after pandemic, not taking advantage of your customers. I feel very unhappy and very dissapointed with Fandango and the way you are taking advantage of the customers. I will post my message in all your social media, google, etc. People in the market needs to know the new procedures of Fandango. They never should buy any gift card from you."

#Super Queens Love ya says

"0 Stars!! Made a mistake and ordered tickets on the wrong date. The time i ordered them was one minute before the movie started. I spoke with two agents who stated they could not exchange my tickets for the correct date because it was after the movie time. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said one would call me back and they never did. I called back and they continued to tell me they have a strict no return policy. I will never buy movie tickets from Fandango again!!"

Holly Richards Orgo says

"Would prefer to give no stars. Very few good rentals, difficult to find them. Web site is difficult to navigate. I'm ready to throw away gift cards because watching the movies they keep reloading. Terrible streaming experience. Don't understand how you're still in business."

Amber Jolly says

"Tried renting a movie for a second time, kept freezing the whole time. Tried signing in and out, still freezing. Might as well just buy the dvd. After this I'm definitely not renting anymore movies from your site. For four dollars a movie, it's a lot of inflammation in my rear..."

Erin says

"This is the second movie we rented from this app and both experiences were terrible. We had a gift card to use, so I am happy I did not waste my own money. Both movies, the movie would freeze and act like it was reloading throughout the WHOLE movie. Very annoying. Would recommend you watch moves from Amazon or Netflix--much better streaming experience."


"Sucks, movie shows but no sound. Be better off typing in free movies on YouTube."

Alicia Mogan says

"Your company definitely deserves ZERO stars. HORRIBLE = ZERO customer service. YOU GUYS SUCK!!!! Do yourself a favor and don't use Fandango to rent movies, you'll pay money and most likey not even get to watch the whole movie because of streaming issues and error codes."

DS says

"They charge me 21.70 and did even give me access to the movie. My kids were so disappointed they couldn’t see the new trolls movie."

rima says

"Bad I purchase a movie for my kids it cut off halfway through the movie. I will never purchase from them again. A waste of money $20. The customer number is 11 digit."

Audra Mitchell says

"Didn’t work on any of my movies. I don’t have problems with any other services."

Karen Coombs says

"Shame on Fandango for charging pay per view rental fees of $20 for their “Premier” movies that can’t be seen in theaters right now due to Covid19 theater closures and knowing everyone is ordered home. Price gouging crooks!"

Luz says

"They suck!!! Don’t use them. I had a gift card. Used it to Watch The invisible man. Couldn’t see it... black screen. They didn’t want to give credit because they said I watched it. I had to call AGAIN. They finally gave me the credit. The representative said not to rent that movie again because they had a lot of calls about not being able to watch it. So I tried The Hunt. Same thing... black screen. I’m not even going to waste my time calling because that’s another thing. They have you on hold for more than 30 minutes. They just want your money but you can’t see the movies. This was my first and last time using fandango. They stink. DON’T USE THEM!!!!! Use a different streaming app. If I could give zero stars, I definitely would!!"

Meredith Hull says

"Purchased tickets online about 3 hours before the show. At the theater I was told I did not have tickets so I thought that maybe I had not completed my order on my laptop. Bought two new tickets for bad seats up front. When I got home I discovered my purchase had been completed and I was charged for the tickets. They sold the same seats to someone else. I wish Fandango could just look at ticket sales for that night and see the double charges. They refuse to help me and just say that because it's after the show they cannot offer a refund. IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE AND THEY WON'T REFUND ME. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Will never use Fandango again!"

Janet says

"I will never purchase tickets from fandango again. Did not get to see movie because children were not 21 even with parent present and they refused to refund my money. Someone kept our $98 dollars and didn't even get to see movie."

Shantay Maxwell says

"Purchased tickets and did not make the show. Fandango does not refund or even exchange after showtime of the movie. So they kept my money even though I didn’t see a show. Of course, rep told me they are a third party service and that is their policy. Will not be using their “services” ever again."

Hazel Gaither says

"On feb 14th i purchased 2 tickets for the 15th and could not go because I fell ill. So I went back into the site to request my refund 3 hrs BEFORE the movie was to start and got an ERROR page on sat and sun. I called customer service mon the 17th and was told my issue had to be escalated to corporate and just found out after I had to call them back myself, that my refund was denied!!!! I am at a loss for words for being treated this way. The young lady told me that once the request was denied there was nothing else she could do. So I lose money because of their website issues!!!!! I want my money back!"

E.A. says

"If there was a way to give fandango a negative star I would. After reading the other customer’s reviews I am convinced Fandango is only out to abuse it’s customers, this type of abuse is probably illegal since all it’s “customer service” representatives are so quick to quote it’s lawyer redacted refund policy. Fandango may have kept the money for my unused tickets, but it will never get the thousands of dollars me and my family will spend in our lifetime on movies. It also lost the one time opportunity to get an honest and complimentary review which is priceless! I would like to thank Cinemark of Fort Collins for it’s outstanding customer service and helpful staff!"